2007 Conference

2007 Conference

Dates: December 3-4, 2007
Venue: UWS
Topic: Buddhist Studies: Australasian Contributions
Conference Program (includes abstracts) 



Mark Allon, USYD

A Gāndhārī version of the story of the merchants Tapussa and Bhallika and of the gods giving the Buddha his first alms bowl

Chris Barker, Wollongong

Men, Buddhism and the Emotional Discontents of Western Modernity

Diana Cousens, Monash

The Reflection of the Buddha in the World

Glenys Eddy, USYD

Concentration versus Insight: New Embodiments of an Old Relationship

Ruth Fitzpatrick, UWS

Transforming Tara; Meanings in Motion

Peter Friedlander, La Trobe


Ruth Gamble, ANU

Being There: Place and Space in the 3rd Kamapa’s Travelling Songs

Chanida Jantrasrisalai, USYD

Dhammakāya in the Pali Canon

John Jorgenson, Griffith

The Commentary on the Lankāvatāra Sūtra by Kokan Shiren (1278-1346)

Hugh Kemp, Victoria University

How the Dharma Landed: Towards an Understanding of how Buddhism arrived in New Zealand

Martin Kovan, UQ

The Buddha’s Second Renunciation: doubt, groundlessness and autonomy in contemporary Western Buddhism

Stephen Malloch, UWS

Infancy, Buddhism and Relating

Sally Mcara, University of Auckland

Buddhifying the landscape

Andrew McGarrity, USYD

Emptiness and Voidness

Drasko Mitrikeski, USYD

On puṇyapariṇāmanā in Nāgārjuna’s works

Barbara Nelson, ANU

Finding the path in Śāntideva
Peter Oldmeadow, USYD

Approaches to dualism in Indian Madhyamaka and Yogācāra

Douglas Osto, Massey

Money, Merchant-Bankers And The Mahāyāna

Michael Radich

There is no dhammakāya in the Pāli canon

Adrian Snodgrass, UWS

Emptiness and Paradox: Did Nāgārjuna Have the Last Word, or the Last Laugh?

Judith Snodgrass, UWS

Naturalising Empire: The Lumbini Festival and Pan-Asian Buddhist Brotherhood

Rafal Stepien, Oxford

The Imagery of Emptiness in the Poetry of Wang Wei

Brendon Stewart, UWS

Teaching Buddhism and analytical psychology
David Templeman

Previous Lives and Present Lives: The Spiritual Life of 16-17th cent. Tibetan Hierarch

Sonam Thakchoe, UTAS

Status of Conventional Truth in Tsong khapa’s Mādhyamika Philosophy

John Wu, USYD

Ontological Difference and the “Other-Empty”-“Self-Empty” Controversy in Tibetan Buddhism