2011 Conference

2011 Conference

The 2011 AABS Conference was held in conjunction with the 2011 New Zealand Association for the Study of Religions Conference.

Dates: December 7-9, 2011
Venue: Queenstown, NZ
Conference Program (includes abstracts)

• Buddhism in China
• Buddhism in Practice
• Buddhism in Western Practice
• Mahāyāna Scholarship
• Method in the Study of Buddhism
• Orientalism
• Ritual, Art and Archaeology




Mark Allon, USYD

Method in the Study of Buddhism

Current trends in cataloging, photographing, editing, and studying Pali manuscripts

Chris Clark, USYD

Method in the Study of Buddhism

Editing practices used to prepare the ‘European editions’ of Pāli texts

Shayne Clarke, McMaster

Mahāyāna Scholarship On the Plurality of Vinaya Traditions in the Mūlasarvāstivāda and the Inconsistencies between the Tibetan Bhikṣuṇī Prātimokṣa and its Purported Canonical Commentary

Joshua Esler, UWA

Buddhism in China

Tibetan Buddhism and Han Chinese: hybrid religious and cultural identity in contemporary China

Ruth Fitzpatrick, UWS

Buddhism in Western Practice ‘Extra-ordinary Teachers’: The Teacher-Student relationship in Australian Tibetan Buddhism

Kathleen Gregory, La Trobe

Buddhism in Practice

Where does Buddhism exist? A living tradition perspective

Elizabeth Guthrie, Otago

Buddhism in Practice Buddhism in the time of war: four ballads from the Khmer Republic

Anna Halafoff, Monash

Buddhism in Western Practice

Robina Courtin: an Unconventional Buddhist?

Karen Lang, USYD


The Buddha’s Middle Way: In Defense of Nice Clothes, Good Food, and Beautiful Monasteries

Sally McAra, Victoria University of Wellington

Buddhism in Western Practice

Local and international themes in New Zealand Buddhism

Ian McCrabb, USYD

Ritual, Art and Archaeology

Gandhāran Reliquary Inscriptions

Andrew McGarrity, USYD

Mahāyāna Scholarship

The Case for Self-Interest on the Buddhist Path

Nicolas Morrissey, University of Georgia

Ritual, Art and Archaeology

Wilderness Isolation, Mahayana Buddhism and the Reoccupation of Abandoned Monastic Sites in the Deccan

Tenzin Mullin, Otago

Buddhism in China Lay ritual at Baoguo Monastery: Constant Walking Meditation

Barbara Nelson, ANU

Method in the Study of Buddhism

Translating the Bodhicaryāvatāra

Douglas Osto, Massey

Buddhism in Western Practice

LSD DHARMA: Psychedelics and Buddhism in America

Phra Kiattisak Ponampon, Otago

Buddhism in China

An Shigao and Early Chinese Buddhist Meditation

Maithree Moorthree Pubbiliye, DIRI

Buddhism in Practice

Ehi Passiko: Monastic Code and the Role of Monarchy in Theravada Buddhism

Michael Radich, Victoria University of Wellington

Mahāyāna Scholarship

Don’t Like What You Hear? Then Go to Hell! Fearmongering, Seduction and the ‘Cult of the Book’ in the Mahāyāna Mahāparinirvāṇa-mahāsutra

Adrian Snodgrass, UWS

Ritual, Art and Archaeology

Role Reversals in Buddhist Rituals

Judith Snodgrass, UWS


Beyond Zen: Eastern Buddhism at the World’s Parliament of Religions, 1893

James Stewart, UTAS

Buddhism in Practice

Vegetarianism and Buddhapūja in Urban Sri Lanka

Chaisit Suwanvarangkul, Otago

Mahāyāna Scholarship

Dharmadhātu in the Avataṃsakasūtra

Edie Young, NGA

Ritual, Art and Archaeology

The world’s biggest artwork is rolled down a mountainside